BWS IoT – Our DNA, Principles, Values ​​and Future Vision

BWS IoT - Nosso DNA, Princípios, Valores e Visão de Futuro

“If you want to be global, talk about your village”

BWS IoT, our DNA – Principles, Values, Future Vision and Strategy in ‘Massive’ IoT Technology.

BWS is experiencing a new chapter in its history and in terms of innovation in this new decade of our existence. In the context of the Massive IoT Summit 2024 event, we would like to share some reflections on our journey to date, as well as express our gratitude for the event and pay tribute, reiterating what was mentioned during it.

Firstly, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the organizers of the Massive IoT Summit 2024 event, to the ABINC teams, represented by its President Paulo Scappaquerche, and to the EVERYNET team, on behalf of its Country Manager, Gustavo Zarife, as well as all the companies and professionals in the field present at the event.

Our perception and feeling regarding the event are extremely positive. We consider it a significant milestone, with the participation of more than 500 professionals present, adding value to the trajectory of institutions, companies and professionals working in the area of IoT Technology, providing opportunities for networking, debates and updates in the segment.

We would also like to pay a special tribute, a record from a historical perspective, a recognition of the Pioneers in the Development of IoT Technology in Brazil. We highlight the engineering team led by Jorge Rodrigo Bau, then at CEABS, who envisioned the potential of IoT Technology in 2015/2016. Jorge Bau, known for his contribution as founder of SasCar and CEABS, now experiences a new challenge at the Julio Simões Group.

This pioneering team had the vision to believe in and seek out companies and partners in the market willing to accept the challenge of developing and implementing IoT/LoRa technology. This challenge was promptly embraced by MAXTRACK, under the leadership of its President Gustavo Travassos, resulting in the development of equipment that was born with LoRa P2P and LoRaWan Technology. The success of this collaboration is reflected in the brilliant history that needs to be celebrated and recorded.

We congratulate all the professionals involved in this challenge and in the pioneering exploration of IoT LoRa Technology in Brazil. This story, shared by Valter Chagas Junior, who I have known since 2014/15, being a long-time disciple of Jorge Bau, since the SasCar days, is truly inspiring.

BWS, since its origins, brings in its essence our innovative and pioneering spirit, from the life of a country boy, I am the result of the generation of the 1960’s and the space race, added to the living and rich experience of the journey over four decades in Telecommunications and Data Networks, in the early 80’s, when the speed of Modem technology was 1,200 b/s, 2,400 b/s, 4,800 b/s, where the competition in technology was between BRADESCO and ITAÚ Banks, about who could bring more agencies online in the shortest possible time.

BWS has in its DNA an appreciation for Principles and Values, in which the Ego (black hole in negative energy) has no space. We are transparent and collaborative from the perspective of business vision. Ethics, Honesty, Honor, Credibility, Pride, Security in the development of state-of-the-art technologies, as well as the company’s financial security, our Partners are our references and our practices. Our reading and vision of the world, with decisions based on everyday practices, a realistic vision of real politics – without ideological bias – between the dream of the American vision – ‘American way’, “think big, start small”, and the wave of the recent times of the ‘Chinese way’, “speed of change, scalability and “low cost”.

“Small adjustments, Big changes”.

BWS is proud of its EXTRAORDINARY EMPLOYEES, with four years of good results and consequently, and I say this with satisfaction, that our team of Employees also have four years of PLR (profit sharing). We provide our EXTRAORDINARY team with, what I received in large companies in which I worked for several decades as an engineer, whether they were Brazilian, North American and/or European companies.

BWS has a Development Engineering team with long-time experienced professionals, specialists in hardware and software projects, genuinely local, but at the forefront, at the top in performance with the global standard, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY, under the management of Engineer Flávio Fernandes, Director of Engineering.

We are realistic, as we still produce in China, but with PPB (Basic Production Process) on the way, tomorrow it could be in Brazil, returning to the anthropophagic manifesto, “Tupy or not Tupy, that is the question”.

Just as we can be manufacturers in North America, as Uncle Sam’s incentives to turn the tide against China are exuberant and stratospheric in a decade, estimates above $6 trillion dollars, in other words, real politics is a big dog fight, the winner could be decades away. WHO LIVES WILL SEE! But until then, as writer Nelson Rodrigues would say, “Life as it is”, let’s live and navigate between day-to-day practice and the reality of facts.

BWS‘s strategy is in IoT technologies and solutions, E3+4G Cat1, E3+4G NB2, E3+LoRa P2P / LoRaWan, E3+4G+LoRa (hybrid) and E3+Nb2+LoRa, aiming to be a driver and add its technology in a collaborative way, contributing to development partnerships and opening our protocol to receive, via SDK integration, other LoRa technology manufacturers so that they can transfer their data on our LoRa P2P Network and LoRaWan Everynet Network.

BWS also has a technical-commercial strategy, expansion and growth of devices in this second decade, we want to more than double our 3 million devices sold in the shortest possible time.

From a historical perspective of technology in the last 50/60 years, since the linear growth of Moore’s Law (1965/70), which predicted every two years, doubling of processing capacity and also with cost reduction, or exponential growth of processing in AI – Artificial Intelligence of the last decade, also with cost reduction and to conclude, a gigantic leap in agribusiness productivity, which multiplied agricultural production by 50 times with mechanization in the last century (in other words, at the beginning of the century XX, in the year 1900 to produce a kilo of grain, labor was spent, the amount of energy of ‘X’, a century later, it is spent today, 0.02’X’, that is, 50 times less labor energy with agricultural mechanization). Historical data shows and proves to us that we can have ‘high quality’ and ‘low cost’. This is a strategy, in my history, that I have brought since the beginning in the 1980s in the competitions of the TELEBRAS system in Brazil, and also our DNA in the history of BWS since 2013.

At the Massive IoT Summit, Gustavo Zarife said, “we have over 1 million connections”, as we will join forces to double, triple, quadruple this base in the coming years.

We at BWS believe in practice and as a principle, in the best technology that exists in the universe, which are still human relations, teams with synergy, Collaborative and high performance. We put skin in the game for our Customers and Partners.

BWS IoT - Engineering ideas and social ties.

Oswaldo Conti-Bosso

Oswaldo Conti-Bosso

Founder and President

Priscila Camargo

Vice president
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